High CPU Usage - Recently

  • Hello All,

    All has been working up until today.
    Everything works but CPU usage has gone from an average of 2% to 50%+ and not sure why.

    This is my equipment:

    Dell R710 2U rackmount server
    Onboard 4 port NIC
    23 HT’s and 46G memory
    Unraid server with various dockers such as Nextcloud, NZBGet, Sonarr and Bitwarden
    Server is stable and functioning as expected.
    PF Sense running on a VM using 2 of the 4 internal NIC's


    I ran some diagnostics but don't understand what I am looking at. See red arrows for suspects.



    Anyone else see what is causing the problem. Seems to be the google homepage????


    This is wierd....anyone else getting this problem?

    Thanks in Advance


  • Well, I tried a little more investigation on this and solved the problem.

    At first I checked IP's generating the messages.

    They were all android devices (Google homes, android phones etc.).

    Then I discovered these were from the Squid addon - caching.

    I removed Squid and its reporter from installed packages - restarted the VM and CPU Usage returned to normal.

    Obviously Squid went haywire on android devices.

    Don't know why - but will not install again - don't really want this problem to crop up again.


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