Request for suggestions for setting up remote firestick access to local LAN resources via OpenVPN on PFSense

  • Had to lock down the parents and move into a family members house and leave my freenas media server behind. The home network has a PFSense firewall with password remote access (I know, I know, but 36 characters). My idea is to setup OpenVPN on PFSense, install OpenVPN on the firestick, and using KODI on the firestick access all my media files at home. All I need is the ability to map a network share i.e. \"freenas LAN IP"\MEDIA in KODI to access the files.

    I am fairly experienced with networking, and don't need step by step instructions, but in order to reduce the number of hours of googling I'm going to do this weekend I figured I would see if anyone had any tips or advice. Anything to save me time really. Is this plan reasonable? Is there an easier way? Are there any obvious pitfalls I should watch out for.

    Thanks in advance. Having to leave your home sucks, and getting this working will make the new place a little more homey.

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