Please check my rules on OPT port

  • I have an SG-1100 and recently set up an interface on the OPT port, so that I can work from home (job change, not the recent crisis thankfully) keeping my work PC fully isolated from everything else.

    The thing is, I always see loads of things in the Firewall logs that have been rejected on my LAN port. But nothing ever shows up in the logs for the OPT port. So I am thinking either no one is hitting my OPT port at all (which I can't believe) or I don't have the rules set right.

    Here are my firewall rules:



    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your rules just say opt can not go to anything lan net, everything else would be allowed. What would be in opt that would try and go to something in your lan? dhcp would tell client in opt to use pfsense opt IP for dns..

    Your rules shows some minor hits on the rule, 26KB worth..

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