unable to map network drives on the internal network

  • Hi all:

    I am working remotely. We have OpenVPN installed and its connecting to the LAN. the tunnel is I can ping all hosts on the internal network ( I can make simple tcp/ip connections. For example, i can connect to pfsense admin and open vmware hosts.

    However, I cannot browse that net work or map to any computers on the internal network. I would need to MAP in order to install a specific client/server application.

    Any ideas to resolve this?


  • @sisterpfsense

    You could use a domain controller.

  • hi @JKnott thanks for the reply.

    Sorry for the trouble. How exactly is this accomplished? Do you have a reference? Perhaps a search term so i can google the steps.

    I even tried the basic "net use" command and that did not work.

  • @sisterpfsense

    A domain controller is something like Microsoft's Active Directory. It's what you log into and in turn, displays the available resources. A domain controller is typically used on large networks, such as in a business.

    Also, there are a few ways to map a drive, but the easiest would be to go into the This PC folder and click on Map Network Drive. Select Map Network Drive and go from there.

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