having troubles with port forward

  • hi I having issues not sure what to do
    I need port 8000 open

    now in windows 10 I enabled port 8000 in firewall
    in pfsense I set WAN port and I set the PORT FORWARD
    if I run grc.com shields up the port is STEALTH
    if I run https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ the port is closed

    if I use my dj program that connects to the server it connects but the audio isn't working so I don't know if truly the port is really open or it its open but its not sending data

    im pretty sure its open.. as you can see data... but it didn't seem to work
    but shouldn't me having the 2 settings plus windows 10 I set port allow in inbound and outbound.. shouldn't the youget signal say port is open?
    I don't know so I figured I ask you guys if you knewWAN.PNG port forward.PNG

  • unless the stealth mode and closed is normal for port forward
    then maybe its server issues with the company I streaming to.. I just figure its my end
    since I cant get it to OPEN

    and is there a port tester site that works with pfsense to see if the port 8000 is open and is working well
    reason I come here as the company figures maybe router isn't really open as I been trouble shooting

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