2VPN servers - 2different subnets - trafik between

  • Hi Forum
    We're using PFsense, and have several VPN servers running on our PFsense.
    I would like to have communication between the 2 VPN servers - so here's a little example

    Local LAN:
    VPN1 :

    I can communicate from LAN to both VPN1 og VPN2
    I can communicate frm VPN1 to LAN
    I can communicate from VPN2 to LAN
    But I cannot communicate between VPN1 to VPN2 or VPN2 to VPN1 (Client to client is allowed)
    I have tried with rules etc - but I cannot make this work - is it possible at all ?
    Ihave tried allowing:
    ipv4 vpn1 net * vpn2 net * - but stil cannot comunicate between the 2 VPN-subnets ? Any idea?

    Tia P

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