push dhcp-option DOMAIN breaks my windows client resolution

  • Hi Guys,

    Anyone encountered a issue with dhcp-option DOMAIN [domain-name] or just basically adding a Domain suffix to OpenVPN on pfSense on windows client?

    so my scenario is, when I add domain that will be pushed thru clients, wherein my internal domain is ex. apple[.]org and then one of my zones at the DNS server includes ex. apple[.]com

    My windows client successfully connected to the VPN, tries to access the apple[.]com it instead resolves or lookup to apple[.]com[.]apple[.]org which I tried as well by doing nslookup, it adds the apple[.]org to the first domain I hit when I visit on the site or doing a lookup, however for Linux and Mac clients connected to the VPN it resolves without any problem. if I remove the push DOMAIN, we instead lookup to corporate network using IP than hostname.

    all other functions of the OpenVPN, AD, DNS, Radius are working for me beautifully except that one above.

    Appreciate anyone's help. Thanks!

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