esxi 6.7 pfsense - 4 x vmxnet 3 but not 5 ?

  • Hello,
    I have a virtualized pfsense on esxi 6.7 on a qotom nuc 4 rj45 and found something strange ...

    This virtual machine have 4 virtual nic with vmxnet3 driver.
    All is working well ...

    now, i try to add another virtual nic but i must chose the e1000 driver !!! if not all connectivity is lost ..

    It's a know bug ? maybe something with mtu and virtual vmxnet drivers ??
    and why all is working well is i choose e1000 drivers for the newnic ?

    if somebody have already seen this , all answers is good for my curiosity ;)

    Have nice day ;)

  • you can add more vmxnet3 nics ... problem is that when adding a fifth that the nics are re-ordered for some reason.

    so basically you'd need to reassign the correct nic to the correct lan/wan/vlan/....

  • whaoo , ok thanks for this quick answers , so adding a nic with e1000 drivers don't alter order of the previous nics ...
    i know what to do if i want to use another vmxnet drivers ;)

    Thanks heper ;) have nice day ;)

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