kvm and pfsense

  • Hello!

    At my scenario have pfsense configured with:
    NIC 1 - Wan - Static Puplic IP
    NIC 2 - Lan -
    NO Dhcp service

    For days I am trying to run KVM on opensuse 15.1. All packages kvm installed ok!
    My Opensuse is behind pfsense with IP Before install packages, network works well on opensuse So, after install kvm packages and and bridge (bridge with eth0 the network not works seems stop/brake connection.

    I am ask here because I am inside opensuse forum talking about this problem. All docs that I did read about bridge no indicate stop/brake connection network.

    I did test with Oracle VM and all works nice - Host and Guest with connection works. But, I would like use KVM for now.

    So! The problem can be a wrong pfsense config or, what need to fix this. Network behind pfsense is working good only not with kvm.

    Thanks attention and help


  • @teamits

    I follow your link, but, still not working


    save in pfsense, restart kvm server and not works

    but, thanks for help

  • What do you mean by stop/brake connection? Just trying to get a better picture as to what is happening. What are your KVM NIC settings?

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