Issue creating folder with MS Outlook

  • 1st off our company has only been using OpenVPN for a few months. So we are still getting familiar with this software.

    Since we are a lock down state now, we are noticing an issues with MS Outlook with people that are working from home. When a user creates a new folder under the Inbox folder it shows up as "This Computer Only" next to the folder only when they are connected to the VPN.

    When using the computer locally (meaning, at the users desk, inside the company building) it does not do this.

    Is there a setting that we need to check or uncheck that would cause this?

    MS Outlook - Folder created connected to the VPN
    New Folder (This Computer Only)

    MS Outlook - Folder created not connected to the VPN
    New Folder

  • @HPA_Support Is this through an RDP session or a local install on the remote client PC?

    IMAP? Maybe this?

  • @provels

    This is through RDP.

    Ya i tried the Root Folder > Inbox, that didnt fix it. I also create a new Outlook profile and set their email again and that didnt work. I also did an uninstall/reinstall of MS Office and that didnt fix it either.

    I am working from home today and i can create folders just fine. I dont get the (This Computer Only) next to the folder. I am using Office 2016 the other user is using Office 2019. Not sure if that is the difference, but if i can create folders just fine then this is not a VPN issue, its a MS Office issue.

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    I'm a Outlook/OpenVPN User and have no idea what you are talking about. ;-)
    Can you post a screenshot?
    Mailbox is Exchange or what do you have there?

    Generally speaking, the OpenVPN tunnel is transparant to Outlook, it should be no difference if you are connected to LAN or via VPN.


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