Unable to reach Reolink camera on VLAN

  • Hello,

    I have a separate VLAN created for all my IP cameras (192.168.20.x). There is also a wireless network linked to that VLAN on Unifi access point. I have several cameras from different manufacturers (Foscam, Hisense, D-Link) connected to that WIFI/VLAN and they all work fine and are accessible from my main LAN.

    Today I have purchase a new camera Reolink E1 Pro. I set it up using their app and connected it to my CAMERAS VLAN wifi. When my phone is connected to the same WIFI I can connect to the camera and it works fine. However all my computers run on the main LAN interface (192.168.1.x) and none of them are able to ping or see the camera on the 192.168.20.x subnet.

    When I reconfigured the camera to use the main LAN Wifi and it got 192.168.1.x everything worked fine and I was able to see it.

    I have disabled all firewall rules and even added one for the CAMERAS VLAN to allow all traffic but I cannot seem to be able to reach this camera from my other networks. I am really not sure if this is a firewall problem, VLAN problem or a problem with Reolink cameras? Is it possible that the camera refuses to be reached from other VLANS? What possible troubleshooting can I do?


  • When I ping from the same CAMERAS VLAN I get response:


    Pinging from LAN I do not:


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