LAN Firewall Allow All.. but blocking!

  • Hey…

    sorry for my english its not the best!!

    I have set in LAN Rules a Rule for allow all traffic:

    *  *  *  *  *  *     Allow All Traffic

    but on LAN Interface was blocked traffic... and i dont know why.

    May 9 13:38:55  LAN  TCP
    ^^ this its a blocked Connecten.

    the same Config running with pfsense 1.2-RELEASE  when i update to 1.2.2 -> blocked.

    can me help anyone?



  • You're trying to route to another "private" subnet (192.168..)

    Look at the option "Block private networks" under "WAN".

  • I have disable.

    Block private networks


    Block bogon networks

    … but thats WAN not LAN....

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