CP refuse change of AP, what to do? (NOT PFSENSE)

  • Hello!
    In 1.2.2 i have a disturbing problem.
    I have five wireless AP and klients on a switch connected to router LAN. When switchíng from or to AP where the AP is on a wireless bridge i must kick the user in CP status. After that they can get the loginpage.

    I have a second net at home where i have one wireless AP on OPT1 using CP. The AP is connected to a wireless bridge where the first AP in bridge also can take clients. When i switch between the AP and first AP in bridge the described problem also is the same.

    The two cases are the same, something happens when moving to or from the AP on the bridge.
    The AP is Buffalo on DD-WRT V24SP1.

  • I found a clue in this, i think. I need help. The client bridge is:
    AP5-AP9-(client bridge)-AP8-switch-ROUTER (DHCP for all AP)
    The normal AP is:

    System logs show:
    kernel: arp: moved from 00:1a:73:6a:92:7f to 00:0d:0b:83:91:7e on ste0
    (when i mowed from AP3 to AP5 i changed MAC in arp. Why? and why did it show mac alredy used
    by AP9.

    ARP Table show:  00:0d:0b:83:89:de  LAN  00:0d:0b:83:91:7e  LAN (AP on Wbridge)  00:0d:0b:83:91:7e  LAN (AP in client bridge and wired to  00:1f:29:1d:33:a9  LAN 00:0d:0b:83:91:7e CECILIA LAN

    I can also see that the mac that pfsense belive i use also is duplicated i ARP, AP5 is also using the mac.AP8 downt show ma

    When i return to AP3 its working and i got my own mac.

    When kick myself in CP i can login! But the problem isnt CP?

  • There is a failure in DD-WRT not PFSENSE.
    I solved this for the moment by allowing AP9 mac in CP. The problem is that everybody can now get in that way.

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