CP + freeradius authentication

  • Hi all,

    I set up a pfsense box with captive portal enabled in order to authenticate wifi users connected to a cisco BR350 AP.

    I've an existing freeradius server with mysql backend already working for modem dial in users that i'm trying to use with pfsense CP too.

    i added my pfsense box in radius' clients.conf and configured captive portal options to talk to my radius server.

    the communication seems to be ok but authentication tries are always rejected :

    Wed Jul 12 09:43:38 2006 : Info: rlm_sql (sql): No matching entry in the database for request from user [regis]
    Wed Jul 12 09:43:38 2006 : Auth: Login incorrect: [regis/123] (from client pfsense port 0)

    login and password are OK but i don't know which attributes CP needs (in radgroupcheck and radgroupreply)

    can someone help me about this ?


  • it's me again :-)

    things go better, i can now authenticate my users with NAS-Port-Type and NAS-Identifier attributes.

    but there is one more problem : it seems that called-station-id and calling-station-id are not sent by pfsense, users are always refused if i try to authenticate with called-station-id="pfsense wan IP" and calling-station-id is empty in the radacct table.

    what gives ?

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