Oh Boy this is gonna be a doozy

  • Ok this is what I am trying to acheive.
    1. provide wifi access using my existing high powered ap's to the park directly behind my shop
    2. provide wifi access to another park behind the first park.
    3. using pfsense's captive portal have 2 different login pages 1 for each park

    Here is my current setup
    I have 5 ap's total in both parks 3 attached to my shop 2 in the additional park 1 is set to connect to exsisting wifi network and is then hooked into a switch which also has the other office computer and the other ap.
    I am currently using publicip.com's zonecd for captive portal but I do not like the way it works plus it does not provide me a way to eventually charge for this service. i am looking for a way other than using the dd-wrt routers to implement 2 seperate landing pages that share the same internet connection if possible with out using 2 different pf sense boxes although it looks as though that may be the only way. As well as using one of the ap's as a client to connect back to my pfsense for access to the net.
    I know that this is a little lees info than is going to be needed but I know you guys will ask all the right questions so that i can help you help me figure out what I need to do

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