Malwarebytes feed - hphosts offline?

  • The hphosts (Malwarebytes) feed(s) are offline for me. Is it the same for everyone else? We think permanent or temporary?

  • Well, from PFSense I clicked on a couple of their URLs in FEEDS, and got 404 page not found Malwarebytes webpages. They still offer Browser Guard, so there must be list updates, but they have obviously changed where they are and/or possibly the method of update.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue, FWIW.

  • Well this is disappointing... just found this posted on Malwarebytes forum by a staff member there:

    "We are currently restructuring hpHosts and it will no longer be updated. You could however check out our free browser extension product."

    Anyone have good recommendations for replacement lists?

  • Good find. Thanks for the information.

    It feels like there has been a steady decline in feeds. I keep turning them off here and there and I don't remember adding any. I probably have too many anyway, but the pattern is concerning.

  • @talaverde Agreed, the pattern is not encouraging.

  • @Yamabushi said in Malwarebytes feed - hphosts offline?:

    Anyone have good recommendations for replacement lists?

    On their turn, good quality publicly available lists will get hit even harder very soon, obliging the owner to invest in server structures that can take the hit.
    This often applies : why would one update a list every day if one can update it every hours, even if the list is updated itself every week ?? ☹
    pfBlockerNG is a success : even if it's free, 'money' is involved.
    Most quality list will probably choose methods like GeoIP Maxmind at best - or simply : access against cash.

  • Is there a way to keep the list contents and disable future updates in pfBlockerNG? I selected Never for Update Frequency but I'm still getting download errors. Under DNSBL Source Definitions there is an option to place lists on HOLD, would this allow them to continue working without updating any more?

    I don't see any harm in keeping the list active at least until another similar replacement can be found.

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