akismet problem

  • When I try to post, I keep getting the following.

    Error. Post content was flagged as spam by Akismet.com

    How to avoid this unwanted pushback ?

  • Hi

    Same issue, when I want to post on French support
    Related to : we should have 5 reputation ....
    Strange in particular when we are newcomer

    So I reply here to have 5 reputations

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    +1 for you


  • Hi Rico

    Thanks and sorry to bother someone to have 5 ...
    Now 4 remaining ...
    Not sure I will wait ..... feedbacks without trashing the Firewall.
    One day to write my issue in French ... (more easy for me) to request support
    Let see

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    +1 for you ;-)


  • ☹
    Finally, to obtain 5 reputations .... I spam everybody with 5 messages without anything relevant.
    So, again apologies to bother, maybe I can deleted them after ... 🙃

    @Rico : As I can seen, you should be an expert, for sure better than me 😂 and it's not difficult.
    I am looking for help to configure Open VPN Client (should be used by my WIFI and not LAN).
    I would like to open a new topic in French, and avoid to send message here in this trend.
    But, if you have some work instruction links I am open.
    Note : I am very very newbie on Network and Security
    I found several topics but without success, I am stuck.


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    Feel free to open a new topic in english here for OpenVPN stuff: https://forum.netgate.com/category/34/openvpn
    Wondering why you can post here but not in the french section? Are you trying to post logs there or links?


  • In fact, I have to provide as best practice, but makes sense, all details about : what I would like to do, where I am, what is the configuration, so I have prepare a message in French with all of things and all pictures of the current configuration .... I think I have around 8 / 10 Pictures, and also pictures of PfSense Interfaces are in French 😁 and several hours to write it with some links to existing messages (I performed some search), but without success. I miss something.
    But you are right, I am pretty sure that the answer is in existing messages, I will perform a new lookup on this section you provided.
    It's very sample but I never do it and like everybody I want the solution without effort and fast also ...
    I will check also .... if there is a how to section.
    Thanks again.