How can I pass DHCP request via router from ESXI virtual switch?

  • I have 3 servers

    PFSENSE which has 4 interfaces:

    • WAN
    • LAN –
    • Servers (vlan) -, VLAN tag 1
    • DMZ (vlan) -, VLAN tag 2

    ESXI server which has 1 NIC and runs 2 virtual machines with 1 Vswitch. Vswitch has 3 Network port

    • Management network which has VLAN tag 0 which means I can reach from LAN interface. Ip:
    • DMZ network which has VLAN tag 2 which means I can reach from DMZ (vlan) interface. IP:
    • SERVER network which has VLAN tag 1 which means I can reach from Servers (vlan) interface. IP:

    This 2-machine connected to Asus wireless router RT-AC59U which runs in AP mode.

    Somehow, I could not pass DHCP request from virtual machines which are in DMZ and SERVER network to PFSENSE server.

    This problem is about networking because this setup worked with my old router without any problem. The only difference is Asus RT-AC59U router

    My diagnostic

    • I can ping 2 vlan gateways form my LAN interface. (,
    • I can ping 2 vlan gateway form Asus wireless router RT-AC59U
    • I checked TCPdump form my vSwhich only DHCP Discover logs exist
    • There is nothing PFSENSE dhcp logs
    • I made sure to turn off DHCP server on Asus wireless router RT-AC59U

    This is my routing table on router:

    default via dev br0 dev br0 proto kernel scope link src dev lo scope link

    Do you have any ideas?

    Here is my cap files from Vswitch network ports

  • @ieandd

    DHCP will not pass through routers, unless a relay agent is used.