fq_CoDel with OpenVpn client

  • Has anyone successfully implemented fq_codel with OpenVpn PIA client? I am having a strange issue where the upload bandwidth is restricted to 1Mb up. If I disable the client (PIA) the full upload bandwidth is achievable.

    Edit: A little more info on the problem. I get full bandwidth on the (PIA) tunnel however devices bypassing the tunnel I only get the 1 mb upload speeds.
    I have tried adding a separate floating rule the VPN tunnel as well as for the Wan. Problem still persists.
    If “Don’t pull routes and Don't add/remove routes” are checked from within the Vpn client setup everything works as intended. I’m still at a loss how to proceed with this issue. Any help on this would be gratefully appreciated.

  • Anybody? I have seen quite a few posts on reddit regarding this issue with no resolution.