openVPN issue : remote client partially loses internet connexion

  • Hi,
    I've made a pretty simple openVPN setup to allow remote users to connect to our school LAN network.
    I've let nearly everything default, just created the users and certificates necessary, using as TUN IPv4 network, I also provided domain name and dns on our LAN and local IPv4 network (but that option doesn't seem to do anything actually since I can connect to all remote LAN systems whether it is set or not).

    Everything works as expected, the tunnel setup is very fast. I am using a linux Mint client but same with windows clients :

    issue : when connected to the school LAN through the vpn, my client computer cannot browse internet anymore, BUT not entirely : I'm still able to Google anything and I'm getting the answer. But cannot open any of them. Also, the sites I was connected to before opening the vpn connection seem to still be reachable, altough I didn't invetigate much.

    I feel a bit like a fool here, having tried nearly every other setup on the openvpn server config page. I tried with and without forcing all local traffic through vpn but no change whatsoever, I tried not providing domain name or dns, but no change either.

    Can you help me understand what I am doing wrong ?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Did you tried another browser?

  • Hi Bob, thanks for your suggestion. I just tried with Chromium browser with same result : Google ok, get results but no luck afterwards...
    I'll install Chrome just to make sure.

  • Google Chrome : same result.

  • So you have this problem with all clients, windows and linux and different browsers? Maybe you should post screenshots of your serversetup.

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Show your OpenVPN settings and Firewall Rules.


  • Problem solved thanks to your question Rico ! When I created the vpn server(s), the wizard had added the inbound rules but no rule was defined for the outbound traffic coming from the tunnel (
    I just added a rule to allow any outbound traffic from that subnet on the same interface and now ot's working !
    The symptom of Google search working was strange though, but I guess a state was created in the fw and that it kept being used after the vpn was setup.
    Many Thanks,


  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Glad you have it working now.
    The Google Searchbox probably came out of your browser cache. 😉


  • @Rico Well, thanks but no, it's not only the Google search box but also the search results that kept appearing.
    ...and btw, I just noticed that my Microsoft Teams client was still not working when vpn is on
    So, more research to do !