OpenVPN Logs export on daily basis

  • Hi everyone,

    Is their any way to export OpenVPN logs on a daily basis for audit purpose???
    If their is way or chance, let me know.

    In order to track WFH user connections on a daily basis, i need all users authenticated information for every day. That is, i need to report like Day 1: These many users connected at these times , and day 2 ............

    How can i get this information? Do we have any plugin/package to install to extract or export all vpn logs
    can we have a cron job on a daily job????

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Doing it daily would be unreliable. On pfSense versions before 2.5.0, the log is a binary circular log. As new log entries come, old ones are deleted. There are likely way more entries in a day than would fit in the log.

    What you need is to setup an external syslog server and export the logs there from pfSense (Status > System Logs, Settings tab. Then your syslog server can keep them long-term and do whatever reporting you require.

  • @jimp thank you, I'll do it as per your advice.