Communication between mobile on Wan and printer on LAN

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    Hi guys !
    A friend of mine configured my Pfs box as shown on the jpeg .
    Everything works fine but now I have a special need:
    I’d like to print from my mobile directly to the printer and connect with smart TV, obviously they are on different subnet so I tryed a lot to solve this problem using rules, static routes, bridging etc., but I’m a bit confused exactly where to start: is a static route problem? Rules ? Bridging the AP to LAN ? or Whatelse ?

    And another question about the AP / Router deployment: is this the best configuration from a safe point of view ? My laptop and my mobile or other device connected to AP are really beyond PF sense firewall ?

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    The clean way is to get one more NIC(5) and put your wireless network there.
    Anything else is tinkering, you run into asynchronous routing and other problems.


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