Suricata 5.0.2_1 Update Release Notes (for pfSense-2.4.5 only!)

  • Suricata v5.0.2_1 Release Notes

    Important Warning: this update is for pfSense-2.4.5 installs only! DO NOT install this update for the Suricata package UNTIL after you have updated pfSense to 2.4.5. If you ignore this warning, you will break your Suricata installation.

    This update randomizes the periodic rules update check to spread the load on the rules update sites due to the large number of pfSense Suricata installations. The former default value had large numbers of machines hitting the rules update sites at precisely 5 minutes past the midnight hour local time.

    New Features:

    1. The Rules Update Start Time on the GLOBAL SETTINGS tab now has a random minute for the default start time for first-time users.

    2. For existing users who have never changed their Rules Update Start Time from the old default of 00:05, the minutes value will be randomized and stored.

    3. The PHP module that performs the actual rules update check will randomly sleep for between 0 and 35 seconds before actually making connection to the site.

    Bug Fixes: