Really newbie question - limit connections per host.

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to add a rule that limits the total connections opened by one of the clients on my network? By "one" I mean, a general rule, so that every single computer is not able to open more than that limit, say 200 connections. On this particular network users are allowed to use p2p clients, for instance (since they will deal with the consequences of theirs acts), and some of them sometimes leave the p2p clients opened, and the network gets slow. I do not want to limit the total download for each computer, just the total number of opened connections.

    I have a rule on my LAN like this:

    proto: *
    source: LAN net
    port: *
    destination: *
    port: *
    gateway: *

    In the advanced options of this rule (it's active right now):

    –- this is not configured like this, I'm asking
    Simultaneous client connection limit: [ 200 ] ??

    Maximum new connections / per second  [  ] ??
    State Timeout in seconds  [  ] ??

    Is this ok for what I need?

  • _>
    Seriously. Why dont you just try?

    (yes it should work)

  • Regarding user feedback you can never be I have to be certain that this is the right approach, since I cannot reproduce the scenario (go to the client and use the network for an entire day, even if I could, that's not enough to really measure it, 1 day..)..

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