Server 2003 + vmware +pfsense 1.2.2

  • with up dates now

    Hi everybody.

    I am quite new to pfsense and i already read all posts concerned to my situation and i already arrived here .

    Follewed  pfsense instalation in vm e.t.c

    I cannot access webgui on

    and when i finish instaling pfsense I GOT  :

    lan  – em0  -----
    wan  --  plip0  ------- dhcp

    i can ping from pfsense console

    in vm virtual network eidtor summary i have :

    vmnet0 (bridged)          bridged to smc          255.255.255....
    vmnet1(host only)        private network shared with the host        enabled       
    vmnet2 (bridged)          bridged to broadcom      255.255.255....
    vmnet8 (nat)              used to shre host ip address          enabled

    My configuration is :

    have 2 card on server wan and lan

    host ip on wan is 41.***.***.*** from my cable modem
    lan ip is

    in the wan connection window shows my vmwan connection with ip
    and vmlan with ip

    i try to change the lan to a static ip such as but still cannot access gui

    the lan part is connected to a belkin router
    to this router i have an lynksys AP also and i connect a laptop to this AP

    When i try to access the webgui nothing happend just an error page.

    Can someone pleass help make this configuration work

    also if some one could be kind to me and help set the ips i get a bit condused


  • I am guessing since this was last edited in May that you have since fixed the problem.

    For others researching similar problems,

    -You must use bridged interfaces for pfSense inside VMware otherwise it will not see any traffic.
    -Whatever network interface you use for WAN, turn off all protocols other than VMware binding in the host OS.
      If you do not, it will most likely use up your WAN IP address and a) block pfSense from having a valid IP on WAN
      and b) leave the host computer open to the internet to be pwn3d by the world
    -after this, the only way for yout host system to access the internet is thru the virtual firewall

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