• Hi, I'm super new to all this and don't know if this is the right place to post. I'm trying to stream to a host and it keeps failing. I'm behind a pfsense firewall with squid running transparent adn squidguard filtering. I followed online instructions to get it setup, kind of a color by numbers way, I don't really know how to make changes. I'll attach my firewall rules to see if that's the problem. when i go off my network to one that's open i can stream to the site, so i know the settings on vmix are right, but as soon as i'm on my network i get errors. I don't know if i need to change something in squid or a firewall rule to get through. the site is sermon.net, it's needs rtmp port 1935 to work. I did add sermon.net to the whitelist. thanks for any help.