Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Multiple XBOX Ones / UPnP and NAT failure

  • Cannot get two XBOX One consoles to both be able to play Call of Duty - Modern Warfare at the same time. Followed the guides located at these three places and am still experiencing issues:

    The issue seems to be that one console picks up and established the connection on Port 3075, but another console can't.

  • First off - do you get an open NAT under the Xbox Network Settings Menu? If not, you need to change the port that the Xbox is using to get out of the network. I think by default each xbox uses 3074, id increment it in sets of 10, so I'd use 3084 for the next one, ect.

    Second, a lot of console games let you change what ports are being used in the game settings. I know Warframe for example does this so you can play it on the same network on multiple Xboxes. Does Warzone do this? If so you might need to change settings there too..

    Third, do you have UPnP enabled on your pfsense box?

  • I think it's the game itself that is problematic........CoD MW.

    I've successfully used multiple PS4 devices at home for many years while sharing a house with my friend who is also playing the same games and in the same parties and lobbies without too much issue.

    It was only when CoD MW came along that we had actual proper issues that i could only overcome completely by using public IP's - the best i could achieve otherwise was one console (last to power up) would be strict NAT. Through all my testing it was port 3074 that needed to be static to get anywhere.

    My personal guess as to why this game is causing so much issue is due to it being cross platform.

  • Would you mind sharing your NAT config for forwarding port 3074? Want to cross-reference it with mine to see where my configs are messed up.

  • I'm honestly using UPnP for this, along with just a generic rule allowing static ports. This is why you'd need to change the port on each xbox, and most likely inside each copy of CoD.

  • Hi, im a network expert and i spent 6 hours with this piece of crap. I have 2 xboxes, and wanted to open the nat for both. It doesnt work. Why? Because every xbox want to use the port 3075! I followed the packages on the firewall, and Microsoft does it very well, you set and open ports for live, your choice of ports or with upnp, it just works. But Activision want the 3075 every time, every xbox. So i gave up, i want my money back.

  • I am having the same problem with COD MW on PS4. I have followed several guides and I can only get 1 PS4 to work correctly, the second PS4 or PC cannot connect to COD MW servers. I have changed back to my ISP router so my son and I can play together. Only impacts this game. I wonder if this game being "crossplay" is resulting in these issues with pfsense...

  • I successfully have two Xbox ones reporting open NAT for MW. I have upnp enabled and the following nat and port forwarding rules.

    Port Forward:

    Outbound NAT:


    Port 1024 and 3075 were ports I had observed MW trying to utilize via UPNP from time to time. Using the Options menu in MW you can see what port it is trying to use via the internal IP setting.

    56901 and 55010 are the alternate ports I selected on each xbox to use xbox live services. See (

  • @rbflurry Thanks for the follow up? What are ports 1024 and 3232? Are these ports you've assigned your xbox?

  • @iamreesethegeek I updated my post above. 1024 was a port I saw MW trying to use from the options menu. 3232 was a port I randomly picked to use but this only resulted in a moderate NAT type for that xbox.

  • @rbflurry Thanks, this worked great to get both of my XBOX Ones to show Open NAT. Wondering if you've had any experience with high jumps in latency while playing Modern Warfare. My ping will run anywhere between 42ms to 78ms at the highest, but it will jump every 10-15 seconds to around 230ms in-game. When this happens, the three yellow squares signifying packet loss will show up on screen.

    Wondering if there is a setting I should try to fix this. Never had this issue with my connection before, only after I installed my PFSense router do I have problems.

    EDIT: Disabled hardware checksum offloading and that seems to bring the ping substantially down. I'm getting normal pings in game between 42 and 58 (as expected), but I'm still experiencing those spikes up to either 150ms or as high as above 200ms.

  • @rbflurry hello - when you said you enabled upnp, did you open it for all machines, or did you do the usual - Default deny and then grant ACL for specific machines?

    @thunderman When I followed just your instructions without having to enable uPnP, my sons (one playing MW on Xbox, and another playing on a PC ) complained they would freeze, and the XBox would say Checking Services. Also what is the significance of having Static ports checked in both of @rbflurry 's Xboxes vs not?

  • This is how I have it, but to be honest I have not locked it down any further.


  • @rbflurry Thank you.

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