Unresolvable destination port alias 'pfB_DNSBL_Ports' for rule 'pfB_DNSBL_Permit'

  • This is something that recently started to happen: Unresolvable destination port alias 'pfB_DNSBL_Ports' for rule 'pfB_DNSBL_Permit'. It may or may not be related to my recent upgrade to pfSense 2.4.5. In any case, can someone point me to where I should look to fix? Thank you.

  • This is from the pfBlockerNG package.

    Firstly, do you (or did you...) have this installed? It creates a URL alias (Firewall-->Alias-->URL) for any DNS Block Lists that you've selected.

    During upgrades the service is restarted - and the URL is not resolvable, so pfSense is telling us that you have a firewall rule "pfb_DNSBL_Permit" that's referring to an alias, but that alias is effectively "gone".

    After the service has restarted, hover over the alias on the firewall rule (probably on your WAN link) and it should contain a pile of IP addresses - in which case, the warning was transatory and you can mark all as read and move on...

  • Thanks for the quick response. Indeed, I do have pfBlockerNG installed and running. I disabled the package and re-enabled it. I have no URL alias. Hovering does not show anything. I am going to go back and repeat the set up of pfBlockerNG, because something may have got changed.

  • @T-Monster This is really weird. When I started to go through the setup again with the use of a website describing the process, I saw that what I was seeing for my pfBlockerNG was different from what was on the website. I went back to the package manager, searched on pfBlockerNG and found a much newer version, which I installed. Everything seems fine now. I have no idea where the older version of pfBlockerNG came from.