OpenVPN remote client unable to access local LAN

  • Hi, can I check my thinking on this? With the set up below I should see my client acquire a 192.168.25.x address and be able to ping the pfsense LAN interface right? I seem able to connect to the tunnel but I'm not sure about the local LAN segment part. Something seems to be missing.

    • Pfsense version 2.4.5 on netgate sg-1100, pfsense's LAN is assigned to

    • OpenVPN server set up was done using the wizard, pretty much using defaults, the tunnel network is while local network is Firewall rules were added to the WAN and OpenVPN interfaces.

    • The client is macOS 10.14.6 using Viscosity 1.8.5 on a segment, firewall is off. I see successful authentication and connection and what looks like the tunnel when using netstat.


  • This destination looks quiet strange:

  • I don't know why but it seems all I had to do was switch it off and on again, everything now seems accessible. Thanks for looking viragomann.