• Something going on with my traffic totals. Going to try and add images, for example the Top 10 Days now has 21 entries and the month total has No March 2020 and Nov 2019 is listed twice.

    This may be self-inflicted don’t know. To that point I updated to 2.4.5-RELEASE from prior release normally. I checked to see if the problem with the TWO Default tabs bug for Status /Monitoring was still there and found that is was. I did google search and found the fix which was to downloaded the xml backup file and edited out the second default which removed the second instance. That corrected that issue but didn’t notice until today if that created the traffic total issue. I think they were OK at that time but can’t say for sure. What do you guy think? Does “Reset Graphing Data” zero out all stats? Hate to lose the stats but if it skewed no point in having it



  • LAYER 8

  • Thank you, I didn't see that thread but just subscribed to it. If I knew this was coming I would have stayed on the old version 😬