VLANs work, but not LAN what am i doing wrong

  • I have tried on both a netgear switch and dd-wrt and have the same issue on both, suggesting i am doing something fundamentally wrong.

    LAN = / 24 (sw1 = sw2 = & pfsense =
    VLAN10 = / 24
    VLAN20 = / 24

    Switch2 -> Switch1 -> pfsense

    • I configure the switch ports to be untagged and assign to the relevant VLAN
    • switch ports connecting to each other or pfsense are tagged for all VLANs

    The VLANs all work, and if i plug a device into a switch port, it gets the correct vlan address.

    The problem, i am not able to connect to the switch address (sw1 = or sw2 = from pfsense or any vlan device. To connect to the switch admin, i have to hard code a LAN address and plug into a reserved untagged port on the device

    i guess this has something to do with the switches have a default tag of 1 and pfsense not matching.

    Grateful for some guidance here.

  • Have the switches a gateway setting and is set correctly?

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    Exactly for you to connect to the svi of the switch, you would either need to be on that network, or the switch would have to have a gateway set so it could get back to where your from..

  • i mean even pfesense can't ping or traceroute to the device. When i don't have tagged ports for the one connecting to pfsense it does work and i can reach the switch from a device on the vlan but not connected to the which. it that config, devices connected to the switch can't connect to the vlans of course

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    I you want help figuring out what your doing wrong - your going to have to give details..

    What exactly do you have tagged on where? What ports.. What is connected to what. - which ports..

    Your svi on these switches would be vlan 1, untagged.. Your saying that pfsense from 2.1 can not ping 2.5 or 2.6?

  • @johnpoz that was my mistake. I was marking all vlans tagged on the trunk ports, but vlan 1 had to be untagged.
    so you did help ;-) thanks.

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    Most cheap switches would not allow to move management IP to tagged vlan.. And you would almost never tag vlan 1, that is normally a big no no...

    Glad you got it sorted.

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