• Hi y'all,
    I am a newbie using PFsense software.
    my goal is to use it as Firewall for my home local lab with is running in a Hyper-V VMs
    My lab is hosted in a Windows Server 2008 R2, I have an AT&T Router BGW210.
    This is my scenario:
    I created a VM and Installed PFsense software, I configured the NICs for WAN and LAN. I am able to access the PFsense Admin portal.
    I had a Domain Controller, I had three Windows 10 VMs running and I had an Exchange Server 2013.

    Before I installed and configured the PFsense VM, all other VMs were able to access the Internet fine. Now, none of the VMs are able to access the Internet.
    I can ping the internet (google) from the PFsense VM fine and Ping the other VMs fine, but can't ping PFsense VM from other VMs.

    I greatly appreciate your help.