Private Internet Access - Not resolving VPN server domain

  • Hi, I'm new here but have been struggling with this for a while and cannot get it figured out. I'm running PIA VPN via pfSense. Under VPN > OpenVPN > Clients > Server host or Address, I currently have this pointing to a PIA static IP address and my internet works fine. However, if I try to change it to one of PIA's VPN servers such as, "" it does not work. I can't seem to figure out why.

    I would like it pointing to a server picking from a range of IP's rather than a static IP so that I do not have the same IP address 24/7. If this is a DNS issue and I should post under there please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • It may have to do with how your DNS configuration once the OVPN connection is made. Do the manual NAT configuration first, then make the connection to PIA. DNS may also be the issue.

    I recently got my appliance connected to PIA and noted that when I decide to switch from normal internet usage to PIA, I have to do the manual NAT settings first then connect to PIA. When done properly my home users have no idea the transition happened. If done out of order the PIA connection will show in the log but nothing goes out, making it appear like a DNS issue.

    I also decided to use PIA's DNS servers (since I'll be on their network when connected via VPN) rather than my ISP's or Google's. In making the change I enabled forwarding mode on the appliance under DNS Resolver.

    Maybe the above will help you.

  • I just tried your suggestions and I'm still having the same issue with getting traffic to go through PIA. To troubleshoot I stopped the VPN service from running, set up the NAT rules and then started the service after enabling forwarding under DNS resolver. No luck was had on my end.