pfsense captive portal and free radius

  • I have been using captive portal with freeradius on pfsense 2.3.4. I have set the captive portal to use free radius on authentication and configured free radius users to have different bandwidth. In the captive portal I have also set a bandwidth limit. With this setup I can specify a bandwidth limit to each user on free radius and it overrides the captive portal limit. Example: a guest user I will set the limit to 5mbps then on captive portal the limit is 10mbps. The speed that the guest user will get is 5mbps. On another user, lets say admin, I will set the limit on free radius to 30Mbps. The speed that the admin will get is 30Mbps overriding the captive portal limit. This all works great for me in pfsense 2.3.4. Now the problem is I have upgraded my system to the recent 2.4.5 and all this are not working anymore. Can anybody help me configure my 2.4.5 to do just like what the 2.3.4 does? Thanks a lot

  • Hi,

    This works for me :

    In the captive portal settings :




    This is a user setting a FreeRadius :


    a speed test confirms the half mega bit speed.

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