Suricata & Iptables on Debian 9

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  • "iptables" is an application that manages firewall rules on a 'linux' based OS, like Debian, Unbuntu, etc.

    It does not exist on system based on FreeBSD, like pfSense.
    And noop, Microsoft Windows doesn't have iptables neither.

    Suricata is a program that has it's own support forum, and is considered a tool that can be used if you passed all the other basics exams of the OS your are using - no exceptions can exist.

    @nurchalizaaa said in Suricata & Iptables on Debian 9:

    I am having some trouble here.

    Normal. Your in front of that steep learning curve.

  • Your question seems to be about using Suricata on platforms different from pfSense. This entire forum is dedicated solely to the pfSense firewall distribution. It is based on FreeBSD. The firewall engine used is pf, not iptables. In fact, there is no iptables utility at all within FreeBSD (and by extension within pfSense).

    You should try a Google search with the terms "suricata tutorial" or "suricata iptables" to get a list of resources to check out. I did a quick search and found these links:

    First, the Suricata User Guide from the official upstream repository:

    Here is a guide for installing and configuring Suricata with iptables:

    Here is a Wiki describing the installation and configuration of Suricata on Debian:

    The Suricata package used on pfSense is quite different from the regular command-line version of Suricata used on other platforms such as Linux or Windows hosts. The package used on pfSense has both a GUI and a binary component, and has some customized features that are only available on pfSense. So the support on this forum is geared towards the unique Suricata package for pfSense and not so much towards the generic CLI version used on Linux and Windows platforms.

  • @bmeeks thank you, I misunderstood and thought this forum was a forum for Suricata users.
    Now the problem solved.

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