Is there a way to monitor the pfsense webgui and ssh when was accessed?

  • hello guys good evening. is there a way to monitor the pfsense webgui and ssh when was accessed?
    is there a way to monitor also the logs just to know who access the webgui and ssh?
    i have 4 friends that i trust the most but i want to be sure who access the webgui/ssh with their isp on it (for security reason)
    thanks :)

    Davao City

  • I would be interested in this too if possible.

  • I do not know how to monitor access to web-gui or ssh but you could disable any access to your WAN, run PPTP server on pfSense and in this case in order to manage firewall everybody will need to VPN first, so you will have entries in logs who (what login) and when connected to pfSense using PPTP.

  • Thanks Eugene.

    I am guessing this would only work when trying to access it externally?

    So as far as we know there is no real logging for SSH or Web GUI access to pfsense itself correct?

  • This will log only PPTP connections. Once you connected you might wish to connect to pfSense to manage it or might not.
    I do not know about any other way to log management sessions.

  • Good afternoon :)

    Eugene, do i need to buy VPN account in order to access pfsense GUI remotely?

    jigp 1.2.2

  • I am not sure I understand your question.

  • @Eugene

    Im lil confused.. Do i need to buy VPN accounts in order to login pfsense box? ( I cant afford one though)

    jigp 1.2x

  • Do you know who sells them? How much?

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