Can't establish connection between hosts on 2 different vlans

  • Hi, I'm working with two Netgear 7100-1u firewall appliances to replace my existing routers in my office.

    I believe I have configured all my interfaces, vlans, and rules correctly, however I can't ping between my host and core switch which are on different vlans.

    I have my network staged at my desk, my host is attached to access switch which is trunked to my core switch stack on

    Core switch ports are in trunk mode to router switch ports.
    DHCP Server works and leases out my reserved IP

    I configured the firewall rules to be open to any.

    I've looked at the firewall logs and it appears that the deny all rule built in may be causing my issue.

    Is there something missing or mis-configured?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    See attached
    Switch_vlans.PNG Switch_ports.PNG Rules_mgmt.PNG Rules_lan3.PNG Route_table.PNG Ping_mgmt-switch.PNG Ping_mgmt-lan3.PNG Ping_lan3-switch.PNG Ping_host-switch.PNG Interface_vlans.PNG Interface_assignments.PNG

  • What is the default route in the switch?

  • Core switch is in layer 2 mode with vlan tagging, no layer 3 or default route on switch. I currently have 3 switch ports, on 3 different vlans, trunked(tagged) to 3 ethernet ports on xg-7100 router.

  • ok it is L2 , but there is an IP (Switch IP). if yes , this IP needs to know how to go to .

    Which Switch do you have?

  • @Zawi You are correct, no default gateway was set on my cisco switch stack for my virtual management IP of Set gateway to, problem solved!

    Thanks dude, made my day! Happy 4:20!!! from Vancouver, BC, Canada

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