Suricata inline and limiters

  • It's been a while since I looked at this and searching revealed only old posts.

    Is it still the true that Suricata inline (netmap) and limiters (fq_codel) are incompatible?

    pfSense 2.4.5/Suricata package 5.0.2_2


  • Yes, I'm pretty sure they are still incompatibile. I have not personally tested it lately, but several others have posted in the past with pfSense-2.4.4 that limiters and inline (netmap) mode are incompatible. I know of no code enhancements in FreeBSD 11.3/STABLE (and hence, pfSense-2.4.5) that would change this.

    I believe it would take quite a lot of work (meaning code rewrite) within the FreeBSD kernel and perhaps within the netmap device driver to make limiters and netmap like each other. In this case, the issue is not with Suricata itself, but instead is just a consequence of how netmap hooks into the kernel networking stack.

  • @bmeeks Thanks Bill. A better cable modem will reduce my buffer bloat issue ;)

    Be well!

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