SG-3100 VLAN Help

  • I am underneath my bed with my dogs hiding from Covid 19 but am trying to get some VLAN’s working on SG-3100.

    Here is what I have:

    Interfaces| Switch | VLANs

    Enable 802.1q VLAN mode checked
    VLAN    Group	VLAN tag	Members	   Description
    0	1	1,2,3,4,5	Default    System VLAN
    1	5	1t,2t,3t,4t,5t	SAF
    2	107	1t,2t,3t,4t,5t	IOT

    Interfaces | VLANs

    VLAN Interfaces
    Interface	VLAN tag	Priority	Description
    mvneta1 (lan)	107	         0   	        IOT VLAN (107)
    mvneta1 (lan)	5	         0	        SAF VLAN (5)

    Interfaces | Interface Assignments

    Interface	Network port 
    WAN	        mvneta2 (00:08:a2:0f:b7c3)
    LAN		mvneta1 (00:08:a2:0f:b7cd)
    IOT		VLAN 170 on mvneta1 (00:08:a2:0f:b7cd) – lan (IOT VLAN (107))
    OPT		mvneta0 (00:08:a2:0f:b7cc)
    SAF	        VLAN 170 on mvneta1 (00:08:a2:0f:b7cd) – lan (SAF VLAN (5))

    Interfaces | SAF (mvneta1.5)

    General Configuration
    Enable Checked Enable interface
    Description SAF

    IPv4 Configuration Type	   Static IPv4
    IPv6 Configuration Type	   None
    IPv4 Address	 

    Firewall | Rules | SAF

    States	Protocol	Source	Port	Destination	Port	Gateway	Queue
    IPv4        *	        *	 *	     *    	*	 *	none

    I am running a Windows 10 VM under Hyper-V, on the virtual NIC in Hyper-V I have it configured to VLAN 5 as follows:

    Hyper-V Settings

    I have set a static IP on the Windows 10 VM of with a default gateway of

    And now the question - this Windows 10 VM is not able to ping, nor anything else. What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance for you help.


    P. S. - my dogs say hi!

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