Question about ssh port forwarding within VLAN

  • Here's the thing. I've set up the ssh and can connect to pfsense by it.
    However, I want to do some port forwarding in my ssh connection.

    I have a VLAN, name it 5. And I want to connect to psfense by port 5
    555 (another random number) in VLAN5.

    So what I want is by doing "ssh -p 5555 user@host" in a computer in VLAN 5 to connect to psfense with the port for ssh is as default: 22. (don't change the port for ssh since other user from other VLAN might need it)

    Is there a way to make request from port 5555 from VLAN5 to forward to port 22 and connect to pfsense .

    Really need this, Thanks ALOT!!

  • A NAT Rule works.


    I choose my LAN, you should choose your VLAN.
    Now I'm able to connect to 5555 on my LAN instead of 22.

  • why dont u use
    instead of in the rules ? any specific behind ?

    just a style question if someone needs style points ;)

  • OMG.
    Was using so questions like 'What is this Firewall" wouldn't pop up ...

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