IPsec multi-tunnel status not accurate

  • I posted this earlier in another thread, but here it is again as I think it deserves it's own thread. :)

    I've using 1.2.3 RC1 in a multi-tunnel setup with no problems for about two weeks now.

    The pfSense side has two subnets, the other side (Astaro) has one.

    The only issue I see is that the IPsec status screen shows the VPNs in state yellow instead of green, and one of the tunnels is missing the source network, yet the tunnels are working fine.  They have been yellow the entire time that I can tell.  I don't recall ever seeing it green.

    See the attached picture.

    Green is the pfSense endpoint IP.
    Red is the Astaro endpoint IP.
    Pink is the Astaro LAN network
    Blue is the pfSense LAN network

    Note the missing LAN network in the first listed VPN and how the status is yellow on both.  But both VPNs are functioning properly.

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