Upgrade to 2.4.5 and WebGUI is blank.

  • sg-1100, basic home use. I upgraded to 2.4.5 and lost all access to the Web GUI. I can console in. I've restarted the webConfigurator and PHP-FPM with no luck. I've tried multiple browsers across several devices.

    I have regenerated the gui certificate and reset the web gui with no luck.

    I honestly wouldn't mind going back to 2.4.4_3 and riding it out for a bit. Unless someone has a suggestion to get this working again.

    I've also briefly disabled the firewall and it did not help.

  • Hi,

    What do you see when you use the console access ?

    WAN IP ok ?

    On your PC, phone, a LAN device, you got a correct DHCP lease ?
    Type ipconfig on PC (Windows) to see the IP info.

  • Everything appears to be working as it should, just no GUI access. I have a WAN IP and internet access. DHCP seems to be working.

  • I reached out to Netgate and they've pointed me to a recovery install for 2.4.5

    I have to go do some things so it will be a bit before I attempt this. I will update the status again after that.

  • Any packages ?

    You have console access, so you can 'backup' - it's here /cf/config.xml
    When done, in the console, reset settings (pfSense) to default.

    The backed up config.xml contains a section with firewall and/or NAT rules (in XML stile, but very readable) that could block GUI access.

  • So to recap. I have a Netgate sg-1100 for a basic home firewall appliance and DNS resolver on the home network. Once I updated from 2.4.4_3 to 2.4.5 I lost access to the Web GUI. Everything seemed to be running except that.

    I had console access via USB to my linux laptop.

    Via console I reverted back to previous configurations, to no avail. Importantly, I also copy my config backups off the device on a regular basis, so I had a copy from before the failed update.

    I contacted Netgate and they pointed me to download a 2.4.5 recovery image, which I put on a USB stick with etcher. Then followed the reinstall instructions in the docs, that they also pointed me to.


    Reinstall went without a hitch really. Step by step. Once reinstall was complete I had Web GUI available again. I changed the admin password and then restored the config that I had backed up to my laptop.

    Once that was complete, I rebooted a wireless AP so it could pick up some changes and, everything appears to be working as it was before.

    If you should have to go this route, I'll give this tip:

    Console in and halt the system from there. Once halted, leave the console connected and pull the power on the netgate device. Insert the memstick with the new image.

    Here's the thing, the "hit any key to stop autoboot" happens very early in the boot process and has a very short timeout ... so be ready. I caught it at 0 and I thought I was being quick about it.

    So just be ready, then plug power back in and hit any key when you see the prompt.

    From there it's basically following the instructions in the manual. Again, once it was up and running, I changed the admin password and restored a copy of a good config from before the update.

    So, I did contact Netgate even though I don't have paid support. They asked for some pertinent info, as it was an order from them about a year ago. I had the order number and could get the serial from console. Once they had the info they directed me to download a recovery image and a link on how to reinstall.

    Obviously something got hosed in the original update to 2.4.5 on my device. Netgate got me running again. Perhaps my experience can help someone else in the future.

  • @Gertjan Yeah, I restored config via console a couple of times and it didn't help. Something about the GUI got clobbered in the initial update. A reinstall did the trick.

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