using pfSense/proxmox/Online-Scaleway for HA : how to manage IP failovers ?

  • Hello

    I plan to put in place an architecture with several servers under proxmox hosting VM and proxmox HA mechanism
    I plan to have 2 pfsense VM in HA also

    For the moment the other VM (not under HA yet) have their own Ip failover exposed to Internet .
    The issue is that if the VM move to another proxmox node, I'll have to manually move the Ip failover using online console which is not a good (fast solution)

    I planned to use pfsense NAT for that (and put all Ipfailover associated to the pfsense VM which will redirect) but this also will not work if the pfsense VM move to another node with HA mechanism.

    Any solution for that "ipfailover management" ?


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