top http sites and ntopng v3.8

  • I am running psense 2.4.5 and ntopng build 0.8.13_5 (Community Edition v.3.8.200319). I am not seeing top http sites even when the preference is enabled at preferences->protocols->top http sites.

    Does this option work in the pfsense integration? I don't see a 'sites' tab within the host when this option enabled. mentions "dissected nDPI data that is only available when ntopng monitors physical interfaces."

  • One other experiment

    I can see the 'sites' tab if I disable the top http sites setting. Leaving that tab open while enabling top http sites and reloading, I get the error "Current local host has not visited any website yet" even after navigating to several sites.

    I am wondering whether ntopng have the right level of access to the network interfaces or it may not be possible with the pfsense integration.

  • Perhaps a better question = is anyone seeing the 'sites' tab in your ntopng setup after enabling preferences -> protocols -> top http sites?


  • I'm seeing the exact same thing.

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