Injecting Ads Into Customers Browsers (SQUID Mod_rewrite?) **STARTING AT $75**

  • I have a need to inject advertisements into customers browsers…

    I run a small WISP and use pfSense at my perimeter.  It works great for customers that are on a monthly subscription with me.

    HOWEVER -- I now wish to offer a FREE plan; so that transient customers can simply connect to an unencrypted SSID and begin browsing the net.  For these people using the FREE service, I wish to inject some local advertisments from businesses within my community.  I would like to set it up so that the Free Users receive an injected ad, or popup ad on a time based schedule (either every 5-7 minutes) AND/OR on a connection based schedule (i.e. every 10th page they view).

    I am not sure how this would best be accomplished as I do NOT want ads to appear for my paid subscription customers...  I plan to run the FREE service off of a different interface - so possibly we can set this up to only affect a given interface.

    I ALSO NEED TO RUN SQUID WEB CACHE ON THE PAID SUBSCRIPTION INTERFACE, So a global SQUID modification is likely not the solution?

    I know there are a few ways to do this but SQUID MOD-REWRITE seems to be the popular choice?  Here are some alternatives:




  • What you're talking about doing is a fairly involved project and will likely cost far more than $75.  Incidentally, the link you posted for an ettercap wikipedia article is a dead link.

  • Im clueless when it comes to programming this stuff…  I know how to tweak settings and what not - but I am certainly no programmer!

    What would a fair bounty be?   If its fairly involved in terms of integrating it with pfSense -- I would be happy to pay someone to code a squid install on a separate linux box that I could run transparently between my pfSense box and the AP?

    I just didn't know where else to turn to!

    Don't know why the ettercap link didn't work?  If you add that ending parenthesis on "(computing)" it will pop up... The forums didn't like the ending " ) " for some reason?

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