slow upload speed

    • edited update : i've also tried yesterday with vmxnet3 nics and the result is the same

    hi all, new here :)
    i have 2 pfsense firewalls, both of them are wan gw
    in both i have the same problem, had it from the start, in the previous version and also in the latest 2.4.5

    they are both on vmware esxi 6.7, both with 8gb of ram and 4vcpu
    both have vnics of e1000
    the problem is the same, the upload is always half of the download. if the ISP gives me 100 upload, the pf will give me 50. if the isp will give 200, the pf will give me 100. always half, and only the upload. the download is always fine.

    this happens out of the box as well, so there is no shaping going on.
    i already tried to play with :
    Hardware Checksum Offloading
    Hardware TCP Segmentation Offloading
    Hardware Large Receive Offloading

    the default is that tso and lro are off, and hco is on. i tried all of them off, tried on, nothing works.

    what more should i look for? i'm guessing it's something small i'm missing.

    note : if i take one of the client vms, and put it directly infront of the ISP, i get full speed of upload.

    thank you

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