pfblockerng not blocking chrome android ads

  • Hello ,

    Iv just trying pfsense , loving it ... it took a bit to configure everything , still have a few points im strugling ... if you could help me in pointing in the right direction :

    Pfblockerng is good , iv come from pihole in my home , now iv setup ip , and goip and dnsbl blocking ... but im strugling with some devices .... on android devices in chrome , it is not blocking ads on google search , and in firefox it blocks , send it to a denied googleadservices page , but in android chrome its not ... trying a lot of stuff iv read here , incluing going in to chrome://net-internals in android chrome disabling dns , i even put static ip in the phone so i know its pointing to dns resolver ..... still cannot put android google chrome to block ad pages .....

    iv added blocking lists to the but still nothing !!!


    can you help me out .... ???

  • @cavaco Both Chrome and Android app have the ads server connection built into the software to pipe the ads through the device current IP address instead of selecting the ad server IP separately.

  • @NollipfSense thank you for your answer , is there a way to block this built in connection or redirect it to the dns resolver , i had no ads in google when i had pihole .....

  • @cavaco No, not completely, you will get a few! Remember, that's how Google earns its moola; so, either put up with the few or don't use.

  • @cavaco Yes, same like me. Chrome doesn't block adds from pfBlockerNG, but mozilla is block adds. Anyone can help?

  • Install Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin on your Chrome browsers. Should help.

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