CSC Overrides, Redirect Gateway - Site to Site not resolving

  • I have a multi site setup working correctly with each client having a override and separate cert using the common name.

    CSC Overrides

    Im having issues trying to get a specific site/client to route all traffic over the vpn and out of the server location. This is temporary needed due to IP restrictions with certain software. Until the IP address is cleared at that location I need to route the traffic back out the server location.

    When I enable the Redirect Gateway option in the CSC Overrides and restart the VPN service on the client side I am unable to resolve any thing leading me to believe there is a DNS issue.

    At each client site they are using DNS resolver. At the server site they are using the windows domain controller for DNS with forwarding enabled on the DNS resolver settings.

    Everything works fine at every location except when i try to enable Redirect Gateway at this specific location nothing resolves. Does anyone have any tips I should try to get traffic to pass though the server and resolve?

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