Assigning clients to VLAN via FreeRadius

    Dear All,
    I am trying to find on the forum and on Google any instructions for assigning specific wifi clients to VLANs that I created. If someone has created a step by step instruction I will be grateful for direction to it.

    I starting to mess with VLANs that I believe I created correctly. Now I would like to connect specific devices via one wifi SSID to a specific VLAN. I only have one wifi router and one interface on pfSense. My idea was to use FreeRadius and possibly a captive portal to assign specific mac addresses to specific VLANs. I have created a short diagram to illustrate what I am trying to do.

    Can anyone confirm to me if this is possible without assigning VLANs to ports in the wifi router? If it is possible I am sure someone has already done it, so there must be something online about it which I haven't been able to find - a hint in the right direction would be useful.

    Thanks!VLAN idea.jpg

  • Anyone can help out?

  • I'd say the typical deployment would be to use an AP that is trunked to a managed switch and supports VLANs as well as multiple SSIDs. Once that's in place, you'd configure multiple SSID's and assign those SSID's to various VLANs.

    I am not aware of any solution that would allow you to setup one SSID and drop clients into various VLANs based on their MAC.

    I am also not familiar with the captive portal, but after skimming over the settings it appears you can configure multiple zones and assign them to various interfaces, but I didn't see anything that suggests the functionality you're looking for exists within captive portal.

    However, I did skim over a few posts that suggests Cisco has a solution that may work for you, but it would involve implementing a WLAN controller, a Cisco enterprise-grade AP and configuring an authentication server (e.g. Cisco ISE) that supports dynamic VLAN assignment.

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