Allow one device from VLAN to access main network

  • I have my main network then I have a VLAN for all my IoT devices.
    Then on top of that, I have NordVPN on the IOT network as well. Everything is working 100% with no issues.

    But I have an old Drobo NAS unit that I have on my LAN network that only has 1 NIC in it. I want to be able to access it on both networks. But I have the IoT network set not allow any access to my LAN network


    This is what I have set up right now on my IoT network rules but still, I can't access the device at that's on the LAN network.

    Any suggestions?


  • Since the rules shouldn't be the issue here, I suspect that the NAS is blocking that access. Many NAS block access from outside of their subnet by default.

  • Hmm.

    I moved that NAS over to the IoT network to solve the issue. From the LAN network, I can access it fine with no issues.

  • I assume, there would a possibility to allow access from outside on the NAS.

    If not, you can also do a workaround with Outbound NAT on pfSense, so that it translates the source IP in packets destined for the NAS into its interface address, which is within the same subnet.

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